Watch Your Words


Do you ever have someone that pops into your head and it compels you to call that person immediately? Today, a cherished spiritual cohort danced into my consciousness and I acted. The 4-minute conversation was a combination of quick debrief and swift words of wisdom. The last few lines of our exchange were the most powerful.

Friend: so, everything else is good?
Me: fine, crazy, as usual.
Friend: (laugh) Watch your words.

There are times when I fall off the wagon. I rebel against the idea that words (thought, written and spoken) are energy and have a power because what I intend doesn’t seem to be working. I scowl at the idea that thoughts become things after not seeing it manifested instantly. It takes an intuitive friend to realign me.

Tonight I am #sohappyandgrateful for my spiritual buddy’s quick adjustment. It put me in a better frame of mind for the rest of the day.  I am fruition, I am light, I am laughter, I am.  Plus, I have more than enough time.


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